Stay Positive, and avoid gaining weight!

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Your weight depends on many factors: metabolic stress, your food intake, physical activity, and genetics. What you probably don’t know is that your mood and psychological state also affect your weight.

Stress, for instance, may lead to weight gain.
To help you better understand this, you should know that there is a gland in the body called the adrenal gland which, as you start to stress out, secretes a hormone called Cortisol.

Cortisol works on stimulating fat and carbohydrates metabolism, which with time, makes you feel hungry and increases your appetite for eating.
Additionally, Cortisol works on storing fats in the abdominal area of your body, causing you to gain weight.

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How to get the perfect lashes

July 18, 2013 Beauty  No comments


If you were not one of those lucky girls who were naturally born with long thick eyelashes, you still can take care of your lashes and get that deep mysterious flutter we have all seen in movies! Here are a few steps that will help you get there.

Moisturize you eyelashes:
Your skin is not the only body part that needs moisturizing,  because your eyelashes need that as well, to help them grow and prevent them from breaking. Use a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline to moisturize them.
Use a good mascara:
Know what mascara to choose! There are many mascaras that contain vitamins and minerals that help your eyelashes grow.
Use eyelashes enhancers:
Try to use eyelashes enhancers because they contain vitamins and minerals that will help your eyelashes grow

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How to get the perfect nails

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Do you want to shape your nails at home? It’s a good idea because you will save money and time by not going to the beauty center, here are few tips on how to shape your nails in the correct way:


1. Before you start the shaping process, visualize the shape that you want for your nails, if square or oval or any other shape, this mental image will serve as a guide.
2. Shape your nails under a strong direct light so you can see exactly what you are doing.
3. Make sure that the file you are using is of good quality and good condition, if not buy a new one, because a good file is very important for successfully shaping your nails
4. When you file your nails, tilt the file slightly under your nail, this can help prevent fraying.
5. File gently and lightly, avoid

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Dictionary of Marriage

July 15, 2013 Relationships  No comments

marriageThe way cultures have defined and viewed marriage through history has ranged and varied, according to every culture and the context it existed in.
In our modern world today, marriage has been defined and redefined so many times, that it developed a new dictionary of its own, with terms, meanings, and vocabulary.

Narrowing a big picture down to a size of a visible wall frame, I sat down with a good friend of mine and asked him, after 2 years of marriage, about what marriage was to him, and how he learnt to find his way around his marriage.
(A): Appreciation
“You are doing a great job being my wife. Thank You.”
Many people wonder about marriage and what really happens after the big wedding, and what goes on behind the closed doors of every relationship. There is not one way to do it,

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8 stylish tips for pregnant women

July 10, 2013 Fashion  No comments

pregnant_women_fashionDuring your pregnancy you can still take care of your appearance and look fashionable and stay in style! The most important thing for you is to stay comfortable and pick the clothes that will allow you to move freely and get on with your day and different tasks with ease. Your body will start growing and your size will change from a month to the next! Following these few tips, you can decide what to wear during pregnancy:


Don't spend too much money on your clothing, since you will not be wearing them for more than a few  months!
Buy clothes every two weeks, so that you ensure they fit, as your size will change frequently.
Avoid wearing bras or underwear that cut into your skin, this will affect the milk ducts later.
Wear good fitted bras, as your bra size changes up

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How to put on weight when you are just too thin!

July 7, 2013 Health  No comments

how_to_gain_weight_tipsJust like many people suffer from obesity and being overweight, there are also people who are too thin, and struggle with being under weight.

Being very thin usually means that the body doesn’t have a definite shape, and when it comes to women, this means that they will lack the feminine curves that all women wish they had!

To gain weight, you should choose a balanced and rich diet, that is high in calories, and exceeds the amount people normally need.
Putting down simple, here are a few tips:
1)Go full fat!
When choosing the food you eat, choose ingredients that are rich in calories. Drink full fat milk, with honey or chocolate. White bread with jam and peanut butter. You have the freedom to eat everything that other people are craving so

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4 facts you didn’t know about weddings

July 2, 2013 Relationships  No comments

facts-about-marriageWhen a girl decides to get married, she becomes the most interesting human to all of her friends and family members. Everyone wants to take part, everyone wants to join, and share their opinions and experiences.
Among everything you have heard, there are 4 facts no one tells you about weddings, and getting married.

1)Some people will show you their worst.
Under all the stress, and rushing to get everything done on time; you will be surprised by some of your friends and family members, and by their attitudes and reactions. Some friends might start to feel jealous, others might start avoiding you, while the rest might not be as helpful as you imagined them to be!
You mother might start picking on the smallest of details, and your dad will not like all what’s happening. Don’t

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